Monday, April 16, 2012

Release #115 - Oh My Goddess! [Translation]

[Strange Scans] is as always, proud to present - with the assistance of Desudesu. A Oh My Goddess! doujinshi - 'Costume Paradise Trial 02'! I couldn't find great raws (It's from 1999) so I had to work with what was available. According to the mugimugi entry - the waitress uniform she's wearing is from the pub 'Gatten' in Nagoya. I couldn't find any images of that unfortunately.
In this issue Skuld discovers schlicking and gets drunk.


I found this in the archives yesterday, I'm not sure when I made it. Probably a year or two ago. How many can you name? (Click for large)


  1. i would say i had seen before like 30% of those... and can name only like 2% xD
    those are a lot of heroines!

    thanks for the release!