Monday, April 21, 2014

Release #122 - [Iwakoshi Kunio] Sailor uniform hooligans Violated Ch. 4 [Translation]

[Strange Scans] keeps up a good pace with the fourth thrilling chapter from ' Sailor uniform hooligans Violated'! (By Iwakoshi Kunio)

Thanks go once again to Rinruririn for the speedy translation and perfect script.


Chapters 1 - 4

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Release #121 - [Iwakoshi Kunio] Sailor uniform hooligans Violated Ch. 3 [Translation]

[Strange Scans] keeps it moving with another chapter from 'Sailor uniform hooligans Violated' by Iwakoshi Kunio.

Whew! it's been busy work keeping up a good pace on this series.
Or am I out of pratice at editing?
Special thanks to Rinruririn for providing top notch transaltions at a formidible pace.


Chapters 1 - 4

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Release #120 - [Iwakoshi Kunio] Sailor uniform hooligans Violated Ch. 2 [Translation]

[Strange Scans] is proud to present,
 the second chapter in a very exciting tankobon project!

No chit chat this time, there is a lot of work yet to be done!


Chapters 1 - 4

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Release #119 - [Iwakoshi Kunio] Sailor uniform hooligans Violated Ch. 1 [Translation]

[Strange Scans] is proud to present,
 the first chapter in a very exciting tankobon project!

As soon as I saw this cover I knew I wanted to work on it. Who could resist such a fun looking pulp art style? Some have said to me that the art feels a bit dated, well that's because this was first published some time around 1978, classic!

I hope that you enjoy this project as much as I have enjoyed the (long) process of getting it to this stage! This translation has technically been around 36 years coming so, I think it's high time to bring the work of Iwakoshi Kunio into english.


Chapters 1 - 4

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Comission - Final Fantasy IX: Beatrix

[Strange Scans] shares the Final Fantasy IX love with yet another comission!
This one features the loveliest eyepatched general in all of Alexandria.

I have never been sure if Beatrix is actually missing her right eye or the eyepatch is a style thing. I would generally assume that an eye patch = damaged eye. But Blank wears a belt over his eyes for no apparent reason, so perhaps it is just the fashion of the day?

Follow through to after the jump to find out more about this comission!

(It's NSFW)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Comission - Final Fantasy IX: Lani/Ruby

[Strange Scans] reappears once again. (After yet another long break)
To bring to you, (yes you loyal reader) a steamy Final Fantasy IX comission!

What is that you ask? A comission of who, exactly?
That is a (predictable) surpise! Click through to the full post to find out.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DDL's are Back


At long last, and after various struggles. The DDL server is now fully working!
This means all DDL links should be functioning again.
If you find a broken DDL link or (any other issue) please use the email on the sidebar or leave a comment so it can be fixed.

That is all!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Release #118 - [Dynamite Kit] Oroshi Ninniku, Atari 2 [Translation]

[Strange Scans] combs the archives to bring you another Dynamite Kit release!
This release was made possible by the Desudesu foundation.

It's another super short one (four pages.
Somebody talk Dynamite Kit into doing a full length doujinshi with these two!

 By the way this was taken from Neo-Queendom volume 8.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Release #118 - [Dynamite Kit] Oroshi Ninniku, Atari [Translation]

[Strange Scans] is back once more, working again with the great Desudesu.
This time with a super short (four page) story by the mysterious Dynamite Kit. 
 I really enjoy the art, it reminds me of store mascots somehow?

By the way this was taken from Neo-Queendom volume 7


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Release #117 - Tsuyomari Kishiou to Lovex Suru Hon [Translation]

Woah! [Strange Scans] is back again with another fantastic SHD release!
If muscular anime girls are your thing please continue.
 If not I have prepared a small consolation prize.

I would also like to announce what is as far as I know the first documented/translated 'backjob' or 'shoulder blade fuck'. We did it!

There are a few contributing artists to this one so I got
them done for the sake of completion.
SHD though, always quality. Perhaps I should get more of his stuff translated.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Release #116 - Futanari Musume ni Okasarechau! [Translation]

Where am I? What year is it? 
What doujinshi am I releasing?

Oh! I remember now, it's 'Futanari Musume ni Okasarechau!' by the lovable Futanarun.
But wait, there's more! It's in english courtesy of the one and only Desudesu.
This doujinshi is futa on male - if that isn't your thing please exit via the giftshop.

Support the author and buy this doujinshi here!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adventures in anime

So I've been watching a lot of anime lately. 

An awful lot. A criminal amount. Perhaps even enough to kill a full grown horse if you wanted to be dramatic and hated horses. This all started when I realised a while ago that I hadn't actually watched an anime start to end for a fair while. I used to find time to watch anime - so what's changed? Well it's been a combination of being busy with other more important real life things and old hobbies (if you can call watching anime that) being pushed out of the way for new things - such as wasting time on the internet, which isn't a hobby but bear with me here.

(I will say at this point - that the internet, is a terrible, terrible time sink if you are not careful and that I do not regret quitting  some of the sites I was on to be more productive with actually getting things (no matter how trivial) done.)

So apart from this making me have a closer look at how regularly I should be taking breaks and other ergonomic issues I've been noticing a few trends.

Mainly that out of ten anime. Two will be pants shitingly good, six will be okay to tepid and two are so bad that I check my email and talk to people on steam so that I don't feel like I've totally wasted my time.
Seriously, some of the bottom of the barrel ones feel like they were down to the last 10,00Y on the animation budget and the staff sat around on their lunch break despairing and filling out job applications.

But I digress.

I've been enjoying finding small references, details and probable copyright infringement as I watch.
I'd like to note at this point that Blue Ray anime is fucking amazing and please, please, please for the love of all that is kawaii let there be more Blu Ray re-releases in the future. 
So without further delay lets flick through some of the things I've found - After the jump!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

DDL problems

As you may have noticed the DDL links have died all at once.
Well the server I host on has changed it's configuration and I need to go through and manually redo all of the links.  Which is a pain in the arse but I'll get it done eventually.

Also yes, things have been quiet recently. I've been quite busy IRL, which seems to happen once or twice a year. Sorry about that! But I have other things to get done as well. 

Thank you for your patience.

Edit: They should all be fixed now!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Commission - Fuck That Hipster Shit (Original)

Comission time! 
This one is done by Stickymon 
(Don't forget to check out his other work too!)

I usually tend to comission characters from videogames, manga or anime but I've been reallly been taken by the character in these comics. Why is Eloise so adoreable? I have no idea but I could not resist continuing the story between her and Haylee.

Follow through after the jump for the full comission.
Also because I like disclaimers, this is both futa and NSFW.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Release #100 (Re-release) - 沙村広明 Sister Generator

I scanned in a Hiroaki Samura tankobon back in 2011 but there was a few technical issues with the release. Mainly in that it was fucking huge and I didn't have the time to re-jig it.
So after, far - far too long I've gone back and squeezed it down to 190mb - which isn't too bad if you consider that instead of my usual standard of 1200x I went further to 1400x. I hope that you the reader, can appreciate the extra effort I went to to make sure that this release is archival quality.
I actually bought this back in 2010 at the suggestion of, Hox but it seems it's taken me until 2013 to get this released at a decent quality :V what the heck.



V Previews below, click for large! V