Saturday, September 24, 2011

Release #082 - Everything Fetishism (Yorozu fetishism) [Translation]

[Strange Scans] is back yet again, this time with a doujinshi by the name of 'Everything Fetishism' by the wonderful circle TTT.  This is actually a re-edit using a pre-existing script/edit as a base, the original was done by Mukyu Translations who supposedly had a blog here. But they've vanished now, so asking for their permission to re-edit is nigh on impossible. Anyway, as long as we're clear I didn't translate or scan this lets move on to the content. 

If an armpit/foot/sweat/smell fetish doujinshi isn't something you'd like to read, then don't download this. If it is though, enjoy!  
Because TTT are super quality.