Saturday, September 24, 2011

Release #082 - Everything Fetishism (Yorozu fetishism) [Translation]

[Strange Scans] is back yet again, this time with a doujinshi by the name of 'Everything Fetishism' by the wonderful circle TTT.  This is actually a re-edit using a pre-existing script/edit as a base, the original was done by Mukyu Translations who supposedly had a blog here. But they've vanished now, so asking for their permission to re-edit is nigh on impossible. Anyway, as long as we're clear I didn't translate or scan this lets move on to the content. 

If an armpit/foot/sweat/smell fetish doujinshi isn't something you'd like to read, then don't download this. If it is though, enjoy!  
Because TTT are super quality.



  1. Awesome! hentai is great for smelly fetishes! thanks