Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Commission - Pilotwings 64

It takes me a while to get a comission organized. Apart from selecting the best available artist - this time it's the excelent Sr Joi, I spend most of my time agonizing over who to comission artwork of. I finally decided to get a comission of a character I've been planning to for a while - Ibis from Pilotwings 64!

Full image after the jump.

I'm kind of glad Nintendo didn't ruin my memory of Ibis with Pilotwings Resort and it's Mii characters. I'm not sure how I would have felt about that. Look at the quality of that artwork, awesome.

Don't forget to click for large!


Also just in case you don't remember Ibis, this is her as she appeared in Pilotwings 64.

Also, Pilotwings 64 has an amazing soundtrack.

 I've put it over here if you'd like a copy.

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