Saturday, April 12, 2014

Comission - Final Fantasy IX: Beatrix

[Strange Scans] shares the Final Fantasy IX love with yet another comission!
This one features the loveliest eyepatched general in all of Alexandria.

I have never been sure if Beatrix is actually missing her right eye or the eyepatch is a style thing. I would generally assume that an eye patch = damaged eye. But Blank wears a belt over his eyes for no apparent reason, so perhaps it is just the fashion of the day?

Follow through to after the jump to find out more about this comission!

(It's NSFW)

I tWhile I wanted to keep covering the Final Fantasy IX-verse, I felt  it was time to cover someone who isn't Lani, or Ruby. I generally try to focus on side characters but I couldn't resist giving Beatrix a bit of attention.

This is also the first time I've gotten a dry/wet comission. (Jizz on, jizz off) One extra layer, a whole new perspective. Fun right? Thanks for the fantastic art go to Artrubzow, what a guy!

Don't forget to click them for fullsize!

The dry version.

The wet version!

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