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Black Magic M-66: Part 2

For todays segment we have the Black Magic resource round up part two: The revenge of the excruciating detail.

The above image is the japanese front/back cover of the original manga without the title/back cover synopsis text on it., I've seen it in poster form somewhere but I passed on it at the time, whoops.
Of course the text and detail is after the break so that the main page isn't filled with this.
Read on for mystery and intrigue (?).

So I said last time I didn't think that the first edition release would be much different, as it turns out it actually is. The content is the same but the it'sa fair bit larger for some reason. This gives you a really good look at the fine detail of the art though so I'm not complaining.

Left to right, english first edition, english second edition and japanese first edition. I'd probably say I like the first edition Dark Horse print the most. I don't like their prices though, they always seem to be about $20 more than other stuff - maybe thats just because of where I live though.Next up is the japanese VHS.

According to the booklet inside, it was released on May 28th 1987 for ¥10,000. Which is actually a lot for a 48 minute OVA now that I think about it - the bonus booklet also has some character sketches and notes inside. Which is pretty cool.

The bottom image turns up in a few things, for instance the pirate DVD back cover. I have yet to find it in a decent size though

The inside front page of the booklet has the above image, which I haven't seen before.
The rest of the booklet apart from the notes appear in the resources book covered in the first post.

And so we move onto the third format Black Magic M-66 was released on - laserdisc!
I'm sure you don't need a run down on that but just in case you do - 'The LaserDisc (LD) was a home video disc format, and was the first commercial optical disc storage medium ... The technology and concepts provided with the Laserdisc would become the forerunner to Compact Discs and DVDs'
So it's a 30cm (12' inch) DVD, interesting stuff.

I can't really add anything about their quality here, I haven't managed to get hold of a LD player to try them. I will say though that the Dominion Tank Police LD has awful presentation, but we'll get to that another day. It also has it's own little rundown on the plot on the front - in english of course.

I like how Ferris became Felice there.
Ferris as a name always reminds me of Faris - but I digress. Next up is the sound track, starting with the CD. I don't particularly feel like subjecting you the reader to a OST reveiw, so lets just say it's pretty cool.

There was also two bonus panflets with, what appears to be notes about the anime and the technical details about the tracks with the lyrics for the ending song. Of course, I have no idea what it says apart from the english bits.

I don't remember this bit though, I had a look through the translated credits on the OVA and it's not there either. So I'll chalk that one up to a translation error, there are plenty of those in 80's anime. 

The soundtrack was also released as a vinyl - they look almost identical apart from the M-66 text on the bottom right of the front cover. I forgot to take the sales ribbon thing off for the back cover shot - oh well. Again, it's nice to see the art in larger detail.

Wait, what was that?

Perhaps thats why the CD has a different cover - to hide the spelling mistake? That seems a bit unlikely when the Felic was left on the front cover of the LD, who knows really.
It also has the same inserts as the CD with a slight design change on the notes page. It's also really easy to get fingerprints on the black paper there. Or thats what, I hear anyway.

As with the LD I have yet to actually listen to the vinyl - due to the lack of a vinyl player which I have no room for anyway. So lets go ahead and assume it sounds great.

I also managed to get hold of what seems to be photocopies of the original refference designs, they're larger than the ones contained in the resource book from the last post and have a few ones I haven't seen before.

For instance this one, which seems to be a colour refference page on which colours to use when drawing her on a cell? I'm unsure exactly but thats my guess. I was kind of disapointed when it didn't have her B/W/H though.

The last one we'll look at for now is a 1987 issue of Comic Box, issue seven actually. The shirow section says part two so I seem to have missed something there. Thankfully there is a naked lady on the back cover to make up for it.

I think this is some kind of time line linking all of Shirows work? It's interesting and a complete mystery to me, whatever it is.

And a page plugging Appleseed.

And thats a wrap! This covers most of the Black Magic M-66 material I didn't show in the first post. even then though I couldn't fit evrything in this post (And I don't particularly feel like sorting out another however many images). Regardless though,  this is pretty much all of the releases that I am aware of. There are a line of figurines but they're rare as hell and I don't even know how many if any were released. Anyway, I hope you found this little walk through interesting, stick around and check out the scans!


Part one is over here.
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how many of these can you name?
Sorry about the flash
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There is no prize.

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