Friday, September 9, 2011

Release #075 - FutaRoMa Plus 3 [Translation]

[Strange Scans] is proud to present, a joint effort in co-operation with none other than Desudesu. A pretty full on futa doujinshi, Futa RoMa Plus 3! (AKA Futanari Roshutsu Mania 3 for that one guy who keeps telling me) The artist for this one is a pretty cool guy by the way. Which brings me to the content - if Futa, shota on futa, double shota on futa or all of the above with exhibitionism thrown in isn't your idea of a faptastic time, then this isn't for you.
If it is though - enjoy!

Special worksafe cover ver.

Also for the interested persons
Futanari Roshutsu Mania Plus 1
Futanari Roshutsu Mania Plus 2


  1. Nice! Thanks for the translation.

    Hmm...I seem to only have Futaroma Plus 1 and now 3, any idea if 2 is translated?

  2. Hi Thanks for the translation but the Mediafire link is dead: It reports a 404 error each time I click it.

  3. I just downloaded from the MF link and it worked.

  4. Many thanks for scanning this doujin and commissioning its translation. Futanarun stuff is always welcome.

  5. A Mediafire link won't return a 404 error if it's dead...

  6. Just a clarification, the books linked to (besides the translation of FutaRoMa Plus 3) are *not* Futanari Roshutsu Mania 1 and 2. They're FutaRoMa Plus 1 and 2.

    The main Futanari Roshutsu Mania series is jsut the futanari girl going out in public places and masturbating. The FutaRoMa Plus books are a sidestory series adding extra stuff, like corrupting the youth of Japan or starring someone else. (Hence the 'Plus'.)

    Futanari Roshutsu Mania 1, 2, 3, and 4:

  7. where can I get this translated at?