Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Release #106 - Kabu no Isaki Volume 1

[Strange Scans] is proud to present - the first volume of Kabu no Isaki! A rescanning project that would not have been possible without the translation and editing assistance of  dou - thanks again guys! This is the tankobon scan of the first volume with quite a large amount of translation fixes applied - some of which have a reasonable impact on the plot of the story. So if you've read the existing scan this will be different. There is some banding in the scans - sorry about that, it appears to be a problem with my scanner.

If you don't know Kabu no Isaki you may know the author - Hitoshi Ashinano, from his other amazing work Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō also known as YKK.

"How did this happen? The surface of the earth has become ten times larger, so you need a plane to get around this giant world! Meet Isaki, who pilots a Piper Super Cub. Accompanied by his neighbors, the sisters Shiro-san and Kajika, today's another enjoyably mellow and wholesome day!".
How could you not read it after a write up like that? 


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  1. I found this place via dou's blog. Nice job!

    BTW, can you put up a link for that Samura tankobon?

  2. THNX A LOT! Older scans from YKK-translations were as bad as their YKK last volumes.

  3. I dunno if you still check this site seeing as your latest post was from 2016 or so, but if you ever come across this, would a reupload be possible? I've been dying to read Kabu no Isaki since I love Ashinano's YKK, but it's a tad unbearable reading on the other poor scans. Seeing your pictures, I can say that they're great scans, but sadly the download link fails every time. If you happen to reupload, thanks a bunch! (I don't mean to spam you either, but I'll be emailing this same message to you in case you don't get notified of these comments)