Sunday, February 26, 2012

Release #108 - Galaxy Express 999 Volume 1

[Strange Scans] is proud to present, Galaxy Express 999 volume 1! This is the 1998 Dark Horse english release, which has been out of print for a good fourteen years now as far as I am aware. This scan is for archival purposes only, do not download unless you own a copy of the manga. If you do not please consider purchasing a copy to support the distribution of manga and show your appreciation for the work of Leiji Matsumoto. 

I've always liked Leiji's work, ever since I heard of "Galaxy Express 999: The end of infinity" which I recall seeing this advertised alongside Urotsukidōji (Which was a fair while ago now). He has a very unique style, which I really enjoy. He also draws really nice women - just look at Maetel! Classic stuff. Maybe I should have a dig around for some related doujinshi.

Also the notes inside indicate that "For the Purposes of publication in English, the artwork in this graphic novel appears in reverse of the original Japanese version." - I find that a bit disapointing honestly.


Deleted due to DMCA request.


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