Thursday, December 27, 2012

One for the archives - Shintaro Kago - The Memories of Others (Translation)

A few years ago when I was just getting into editing/scanning I did a bit of typesetting for a guy called Caterpillar, from memory I met him through /a/. His field of interest was/is guro and Shintaro Kago's work. He used to have a site here but it's dead now. You can use the wayback machine archive though.

I stumbled upon it while digging in my archives earlier today, Kago does a lot of mindbendingly clever work - often messing with the structure of manga and story in ways that are totally unexpected and fun to read.
If you like this, consider reading more of his stuff!
I should probably also mention his stuff is completely NSFW, so keep that in mind!


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