Sunday, January 20, 2013

Release #100 (Re-release) - 沙村広明 Sister Generator

I scanned in a Hiroaki Samura tankobon back in 2011 but there was a few technical issues with the release. Mainly in that it was fucking huge and I didn't have the time to re-jig it.
So after, far - far too long I've gone back and squeezed it down to 190mb - which isn't too bad if you consider that instead of my usual standard of 1200x I went further to 1400x. I hope that you the reader, can appreciate the extra effort I went to to make sure that this release is archival quality.
I actually bought this back in 2010 at the suggestion of, Hox but it seems it's taken me until 2013 to get this released at a decent quality :V what the heck.



V Previews below, click for large! V


  1. Hey, thanks! Now if only Hox would find time to translate the remaining chapters...

  2. Great scan, thanks :3 I'm a big fan of this artist <3