Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Commission - Black Magic M-66

So here we are yet again with another fantastic comission thanks to the talented Joix. I know I said I had my eye on another Black Lagoon comission last time. But why not diversify a little? This time it's Black Magic M-66. The whole comission is after the jump.

Nope, further down.

Thanks to some pretty cool reference material I happened to pick up off yahoo.jp a while ago, this is more or less Ferris's bedroom from the OVA. If you're not clear on who the featured ladies are (I mean who's actually seen this anyway?) are we have from left to right, Nakamura, Ferris and then Sybel. What can I say, I tend to like side characters more than main ones because you can imagine your own backstory for them. I have a few more comissions in mind for later on, so we'll see how those go.


Thanks again Joix!

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