Sunday, October 9, 2011

Release #089 - Houkago Play

[Strange Scans] branches out a bit to bring you a Houkago Play doujin -放課後プレイオフ! I've gotten a new scanner so bear with me if the scans seem a little off here and there it's because I'm still getting to grips with it. This is pretty short at 14 pages but it's hentai so I think that makes up for it. Also I do enjoy reading Houkago Play, I think I'm ages behind though - isn't there a sister or something now?

Now in english, here!

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  1. We're all behind. Only the first volume has been scanlated, and there have been three volumes published.

    What I do know is, each volume focuses primarily around two or so individual characters, and doesn't revisit the older volumes' characters much (if at all). So, consider what you've read in Vol. 1 to be all you need to know about the wacky hijinks of Miss Legs-n-Longhair and Shorty McBoyfriend.

    Second volume stars the meganekko with shoulder-length hair you might've seen, and her boyfriend(?), the taller dude with shark teeth. Third volume, I haven't seen yet.