Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Miscellaneous scans: Part 1

This post is also known as - odds and ends: scanning edition. I have a few major projects in the pipeline which are going to slow down my posting quite significantly. So I thought I'd make a post with a few of the more interesting bits and pieces I have lying around.

I like this alternate costume for Sakura, so I've put it in for no particular reason.
It's unused  apparently this is available as a mod or DLC?
Why the fuck was I not informed.

The rest of the this post, right after the jump.
I think it's a fairly safe statement to say Studio Ghibli are pretty far up the chain of classic anime studios. Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke... all with amazing quality in both animation and story every time. It's also interesting that they're the only one I've ever seen get theatrical releases out here. Starting with Spirited Away I've seen them turn up in the papers every few years with a new movie. It's pretty heartening to see an anime have success as an English language dub.

In 2010 they released (Plot spoilers in this link beware‼) The Secret World of Arrietty based on the book The Borrowers - which I vaguely remember reading when I was younger. By the looks of it I might have been reading The Borrowers Afloat? And it's just started to turn up overseas (or maybe it's already out for you if your country is ahead of mine.) One of my friends sent me an English pamphlet from where they live. Lets have a look at that and compare it to the Japanese ones.
Click for large, blogger doesn't want to to display anything other than small size next to each other.

A second pamphlet - which is about A3 size.

And the English version

 So a tighter crop on the cover and, well no song lyrics on the back? I have no idea why there are song lyrics on the Japanese pamphlet/poster - maybe it's something to do with the soundtrack.
If you're visiting Japan and want to check out the vidya stores you literally cannot afford to miss Super Potato. I'm sure there are a few video reviews around the place (possibly over at Danny Choo). They are the singularly most mind blowingly intense retro video game store(s) I have ever set foot in. Floors filled with rows of immaculate carefully bagged video games for every system you care to think of - particularly the MSX.
 But I digress, here's a pamphlet on cartridge cleaning from there.

Shiritsu! 33 Gendo Gakun? I can't seem to find whatever this is. Perhaps some kind of dating game? Gendo Gakun seems to bring up a hentai by the name of Nightmare Campus. But I'm not actually clear what it is actually from. Also the artist is Maneki Kamiya. See his homepage for further details.

I would have linked to go to a gameboy only chiptune hour, but unfortunately I had to leave and missed whatever happened there, I'm sure it was cool. 
Also I don't know who Haruhi is groping.

Likewise, I'm not actually sure what this is about. KOFRC is King of Fighters RC, so maybe it's a king of fighters mod? This might be the page.
(also read the Ranma 1/2 manga if you haven't already)

And lastly a nice postcard by Yoshitaka Amano. Who I think I've mentioned before? 
Those wispy lines man.

Thats enough of a mini update for now I think, I've thrown in a zip of the images in this post in case you want them for some reason. Hopefully you'll stick around because 2012 is shaping up to be a big year, already!

See you in 2012!




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