Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pandemonium 2 OST

For today's archival we're continuing right on from yesterday with the soundtrack of Pandemonium 2. Which is as you may have guessed, the sequel to Pandemonium! It was released on the PS1 in 1997/8 (depending on where you live) it was also ported to PC. There was going tobe a Sega Saturn port as well but it never materialised for some reason.

As you may have noticed from the cover someone decided that Nikki needed more bucket load more sex appeal, I'm not sure I really agree she needed it personally - oh well. It is perhaps less unrelentingly hard than the first game, but that dosen't nessacarily mean it's better - I'm on the fence about that. Also as with the last game whoever did the level design is a champ, the bizzare spacey levels are amazingly memorable and fun.

Moving right along - as with the last post, I did not rip this - rather jwitz over at Emuparadise forums did. So go there and give him your thanks. This is an archival backup to hopefully spread a bit of awareness about a great game.

Also as you may have guessed I love platformers.


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