Monday, October 22, 2012

Banjo Kazooie OST

Back in 1998 Rare released Banjo Kazooie on the N64 console.
 At the time it was released it already had at least three or four years worth of development and a console change, which makes for an interesting backstory. Originally Banjo Kazooie started life as Project Dream on the SNES at some point in the early 90's. It slid onto the N64 at around 1995 when it was deemed too large for the SNES. Project Dream has, as far as I know never been leaked or shown to the public bar this one screenshot printed in.. actually I have no idea where it was printed.

Interesting isn't it? There is more over here at Unseen64 including snippets of information taken from the blog of one Grant Kirkhope, who did the music.

So, you collect golden jigsaw pieces to progress to new levels - fair enough. Ten per level, with one of them being collecting five jingoes hidden throught the level. There are also health bar upgrades in the form of hollow honeycombs hidden, one per level. Lets not forget 100 notes per level which do not save upon exit and re-entry to the level (Which I just read is because  "Saving the collection state of all 100 Notes in each world was apparently too much for N64 hardware." This was apparently changed on the Xbox Live re-release. Weak! Source) In summary, Rare fucking loved item collection,.

And as is the theme with these posts, the actual bit I am archiving/posting to share is the soundtrack. Which is of course awesome. The game is jammed full of unique bouncy tunes that perfectly compliment the levels they go with. Ideally of course you'd be hearing these tunes while playing the game, but I think they have enough merit to stand on their own.


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