Saturday, October 20, 2012

wipE'out" OST

Wipeout (or wipE'out") is a futuristic (Released over a decade ago) racing game from 1995 made by Psygnosis -who I seem to have some kind of bias towards. It's a well rounded game in my opinion - fun gameplay, amazing art design and brilliant music.

That said, I never got too far in wipeout, I could never get a hang of the controlls for the ships and I pretty much pinballed around the course the entire race. Which is weird because I do pretty well in F-Zero X. This isn't to say I didn't appreciate the game, mind you.
I'm a big fan of the visuals in wipeout, they're amazingly fresh and fun to look at. Some kind of futuristic blend of everything with a dash of japanese. I recently found out after years of thinking Psygnosis were insane geniuses on this one games art direction. That the design was actually handled by a company called The Designers Republic who are amazing. (Were amazing, sadly. They closed their doors in 2009) You can find a selection of their work to get inspired about over here.

I used to have a Retro Gamer article about the production of the game and the music but I can't seem to find it at the moment. One of the most interesting bits however, was that to get the feel for the sound they needed they took the sound guy clubbing.

So, withour further ado - here is the rip of the soundtrack from sources unknown.

(I took the cover scan from here)


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