Saturday, March 31, 2012

Release #112 - Yorozu fetishism 2 [Translation]

[Strange Scans] is proud to present - yet another TTT doujinshi! This time it's "Yorozu Fetishism 2", you may remember the first one which I did a deluxe re-edit of a while ago over here. This is probably going to be the last TTT doujinshi I get translated for a while. Along with all of the usual TTT content this one also contains watersports so - you know what they say, forewarned is forearmed. Also it's pretty cool to find some 3x3 Eyes stuff.

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Also - from Desudesu

"Second part of the doujin is based on Sansha Sanyou (三者三葉). The long haired girl is Youko Nishikawa, an ojou-sama rich daddy archetype girl, but her father’s business went down under and now her family’s broke. She’s pretty naive and is god awful at cooking, which explains a joke in that part of the doujin :V"

The more you know.

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  1. Many thanks Superkawaii and Desudesu. Since it's already April 1st in Desudesu's time zone I'm a little afraid to read this release...